Marraffa & Associates has served the billing needs of private and group practices across New England since 1989. We have put more than 50 years of combined experience in medical billing and collections to work for our clients every day.

In addition to prompt, efficient claims processing, Marraffa & Associates manages all deposit, accounting and balance billing activities. Best of all, our billing specialists follow up with patients to resolve concerns - so you won't have to.
Fast, Reliable, Affordable Service - Guaranteed 
You can count on fast, reliable and affordable service with Marraffa & Associates. There's no charge to file your claims, regardless of volume: rather, our fees are based on a percentage of claims paid. In fact, because proper coding reduces the number of denied claims, ensures reimbursement at maximum allowable levels and speeds payment, clients have found that our service often pays for itself!
Personal Attention
Our Commitment to You
At Marraffa & Associates, we value our partnership with you - and we're committed to keeping your confidence and trust. That's why clients are assigned a single customer service representative dedicated to answering any questions or concerns. More Than Just
Billing & Collections
Clear, concise management reports are critical to your success in today's managed care environment. Our state-of-the-art billing system allows us to generate the reports you need - whenever you need them.
And That's Not All! 
We examine fee schedules and day to day operations and make recommendations for improving your bottom line. These and other management services are available at no charge.
Here's How It Works
You select the service option best suited to your needs and budget. We can even operate your current billing software from our offices  allowing you to maintain access to your database and lower costs.